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Phil Spencer Xbox E3
Phil Spencer Xbox E3

Phil Spencer Says Xbox Games Studios has a Deep Portfolio Ready for E3

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Shortly after Sony announced that they’re skipping E3 Xbox’s boss Phil Spencer made it clear that what’s important at E3 is the interaction with fans, today, Spencer confirms that while the event might be changing, Xbox Game Studio and Xbox will rock the event will a “deep portfolio” ready for the big event.

Microsoft will take the advantage of having all the cameras on them, it’s been rumored that Xbox will have their best E3 and will be close to fans with is Xbox’s main marketing strategy.

“The fans are an amazing part of E3 every year for me and the team. Respecting and talking with the fans is such special part of the show each year.”

“Our team is hard at work on E3, we look forward to sharing with all who love to play what’s ahead for us”…“Our artform has consistently been propelled by the cross-section of creativity and technical progress. 2020 is a milestone year in that journey for Team Xbox.”Said Phil Spencer at the E3 attandance’s confirmation.

E3 2020 will take place from June 9-11, 2020 at the Los Angeles Convention Center, Xbox has not shared their plans for the convention, but what’s is confirmed, is that Microsoft will be revealing more information for their next-gen system, the Xbox Series X, as well as, further discuss about xCloud and Xbox Game Pass.
What you interested in seeing on E3? I’m thrilled to know more about the upcoming Project Mara and Insight Project from Xbox’s Ninja Theory. Both project are being produced in collaboration with Dr. Paul Fletcher, Psychiatrist and Professor of Health Neuroscience at University of Cambridge.

 Project: Mara is an upcoming game that will be “real-world” and will be a grounded representation of mental terror. It will be based on lived experience accounts and in-depth research. Ninja Theory plans recreate the horrors of the mind as accurately and realistically as possible.

The Insight Project is another ambitious project that combines technology, game design and clinical neuroscience. The developer plans to deliver a mainstream solution to alleviate mental distress.

Our goal is to create and inspire a movement and help mental health treatment to go mainstream.

Ninja Theory said back in October, that this project will take several years to take shape, but it’s early announcement was meant to be as open and transparent as possible.

(The Insight Project)… “It is an exploratory but experimentally guided project that aims to deliver a mainstream solution to help treat mental suffering and encourage mental well being.”

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