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Paper Mario : Origami King Available For Pre-Order

Nintendo’s latest Mario game, Paper Mario : Origami King is now available for pre-order. The game is priced at $59.99 for both physical and digital copies.

Nintendo does not usually give special rewards for pre-ordering, and this is also the case for Paper Mario : Origami King. The pre-order version is simply the standard edition of the game. The game itself will be arriving later this month on July 17.

The game will include new companions for Mario’s adventure:

Olivia, King Olly’s sister, has been confirmed since the first trailer. She is an origami subject bent on foiling her brother’s plans for world domination, sticking by Mario’s side for most—if not the entire—journey.

Bobby the Bomb-Omb was also briefly in the first trailer. He’s an amnesiac bomb-omb wandering in lieu of his absent memories.

Professor Toad, the ancient history professor from the deleted Chinese trailer is now confirmed.

Kamek the koopa wizard was the last character revealed as a companion for Mario.

Paper Mario : Origami King will also include a new re-vamped combat system, as it is the first Paper Mario game made exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

Unlike classic Mario adventure games, Bowser is not the main antagonist in Origami King. This time, Peach’s castle is under siege by origami king ‘Olly’ and his band of paper soldiers.

Recent Mario games that Nintendo has released for the Switch include Luigi’s Mansion 3 and the critically-acclaimed Super Mario Odyssey. Fans can look forward to seeing new quests and adventures in Mario’s horizon soon.

While fans await the release of Origami King, they can enjoy other new Switch titles such as Ninjala, Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and the ‘Isle of Armor’ expansion for Pokemon Sword. There have also been plenty of ports for the Switch for classic games like LA. Noire, Bioshock, and Doom.

Source: IGN

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