Bioshock 4

Cloud Chamber Hiring Developers for Bioshock 4

SegmentNext has spotted the recent job list on from LinkedIn,Cloud Chamber is the new studio working for Bioshock 4, the interesting listing indicates the studio’s hiring for designers who are specialist on first-person camera view.

Bioshock 4 has not been announced, all there is to it, are rumors and suggestion from insiders who should be taken with a grain of salt. What’s true is that Cloud Chamber has not produced a Bioshock game since Infinite released in 2013.

Cloud Chamber is “hard at work” on the next entry in the critically acclaimed BioShock series. “Our team consists of veteran BioShock developers and expert game makers from other mind-blowing titles, and together we’re going to create worlds that you’ll want to experience.”

Cloud Chamber is currently recruiting like mad for game developers in two amazing locations: the San Francisco Bay Area (Novato, CA) and Montreal, Quebec. Our open positions are below. If you are a passionate, ridiculously talented game developer and you don’t see a position you like, we’d love to hear from you anyway (because you never know).

We believe in the beauty and strength of diversity in both the makeup of the studio and the nature of our thinking. We focus on open communication and overall well-being allowing each of us to strive for excellence in our work and happiness in our lives.

Publisher 2K Games recently announced via Twitter a new installment in the bestselling video game franchise, which has so far spanned two entries in the underwater city of rapture (Bioshock, Bioshock 2) and one in the flying city of Columbia (Bioshock Infinite).

Cloud Chamber is also seeking for a lead world designer, what could indicates that Bioshock is actually in de pre-production stage, the studio is hiring an “editorial oversight on world layout, design of world content, and the detailed systems design of world population and event management”

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