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P.T. artwork
P.T. artwork

P.T. Cutscene Town Gets Explored by Modder

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A modder by the name of Lance McDonald has recently found a way to explore the town featured in the cutscene after completing the P.T. demo from 2014. This is the same modder who discovered that Lisa’s ghost was behind the player the whole time they explored the fateful hallway.

McDonald was able to do this by manipulating what the game would load upon going through the door at the beginning and end of the hallway. The single hallway that gets used in the P.T. demo actually has multiple versions of itself that load up every time the player goes through the door. This made it easy for the modder to tell the game to load up the town instead of the next version of the room when going through the first door.

Since the town was only used in the cutscene, he ran into another problem where he would fall upon exiting the door. The ground wasn’t programed with any collision properties. He remedied this by making the player character float a couple inches off the ground.

Once he got all of that taken care of, he was able to freely explore the town and shows it off for people to see in his YouTube video about it. It is crazy the amount of detail went into parts of the map players would never see during the cutscene. Of course, the further out McDonald went, the worse it got, but all the way up until the end, it looked extremely well done.

Kojima put a lot of thought and care into a demo that unfortunately never became a real Silent Hill game, but it’s amazing to see that people are still discovering more about it five years after its release.

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