Lisa from P.T.

Lisa Is Always Following You in Kojima’s Cancelled P.T.

More than five years have passed since the time that Hideo Kojima released a Playable Teaser for its Silent Hills project under the wing of Konami. Although the project has been cancelled and Kojima left Konami in a dramatic way, players still love to dig into P.T. secrets and find some extraordinary facts about the game. Surprisingly, the secrets behind P.T. aren’t over yet and the new one which has been found by Lance McDonald could be named as one of the scariest secrets of the game.

In P.T., player is trapped in an endless loop where you always walk through a narrow corridor, open the door at the end and then reach your starting point once again, but every time the loop repeats you can be rest assured that something has been changed.

Lisa, the main protagonist of the game who represents a pregnant dead woman, will scare you many times throughout the game but you may never know that she was always walking right behind you. Thanks to a YouTuber who is a specialist in coding video games, the teaser below showcases how Lisa has been always right behind you while you were walking at home.

P.T. is no longer available on PlayStation Store but an unofficial PC remake of the game has been published earlier this year which simulates most of the demo’s scenes, though it might never be like what Kojima himself had created.

Hideo Kojima and his team is currently working on Death Stranding as a PS4-exclusive third-person Strand game, a genre made by Kojima himself. The game will be launched on November 8.

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Source: VG247

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