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NVIDIA: “RTX 2080 Gaming Laptop More Powerful Than Next-Gen Consoles”

According to NVIDIA, an RTX 2080 Gaming Laptop is more powerful than next-gen consoles (PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X).

In a presentation given by NVIDIA boss Jen-Hsun, one of the leading GPU manufacturers commented on the strides gaming laptops have made in recent years, now able to compete with their high-end desktop counterparts using improvements to their internal hardware, thermal, ventilation, and other factors. Moreover, NVIDIA notes that high-end gaming laptops is one of the fastest growing sectors for the video game industry.

“We’ve made it possible to put the highest end GPUs into sleek, beautiful, gaming notebooks,” said Jen-Hsun at the GPU Technology Conference in China. “Gaming requires powerful PCs and powerful PCs tend to be large. When we started working on gaming notebooks they were quite large so the GPUs, which are very powerful, require a lot of thermal and electricity, and therefore the systems tend to be quite large.”

However, gaming laptops have made magnificent progress over the years, with companies finding innovative ways to minimize overall size while continuing to maximize performance without sacrificing cooling capabilities. Laptops like the ASUS ROG GX701, while still running hot, do not have the ventilation and general cooling problems for which gaming laptops are infamous. Furthermore, the RTX 2080 has been scaled to fit the machines, using designs such as Max-Q to fit the hardware into the machine while sacrificing minimal output.

Whether or not NVIDIA’s claim harbors any validity remains to be seen, but when the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X launch in holiday 2020, that claim will be put to the test, and the appropriate lauding or backlash will be heralded by the gaming community.

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