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NVIDIA Reportedly Introducing Ampere in March 2020

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According to a WCCFTech report earlier this month, NVIDIA is likely to introduce its next generation family of 7nm graphics cards based on Ampere architecture in March 2020, followed in June by the release of the RTX 3080 GPU.

The WCCFTech article states several rumors are floating about the techsphere, and according to these, NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang doesn’t seem to be too anxious to bring the Ampere to market—as current generation cards are performing well against the company’s competition at AMD. However, in another report earlier in November, it was revealed that AMD is allegedly creating a next-gen GPU of their own, and referring to this project in-house as the “NVIDIA killer.”

In a translated report from HKEPC, analyst Chris Caso has stated that the new 7nm Ampere card is still in production and “will be released in the Q1 or Q2 of next year.” It then goes on to say that according to custom, NVIDIA should introduce the new Ampere GPU at the GTC 2020 conference at the end of March.

The HKEPC article goes on to say that the consumer-grade version of NVIDIA’s 7nm GPU will see launch at a later time, and points to the Computex 2020 Taipei Computer Show in the middle of the year as a targeted date. This means that gamers who like to keep on top of technology should plan on checking out the Ampere-based RTX 3080 and RTX 3080Ti next June.

Over the next year, NVIDIA will phase out its current Turing architecture, replacing it with Ampere, featuring, among other benefits, increased clocks and reduced power consumption. Ampere also has major architectural changes in comparison to Turing, with greatly-improved ray-tracing performance and more powerful rasterization processing capabilities. Ampere is expected to achieve a clock increase of 200MHz to 300Mhz.

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