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Two hazardous fauna from No Man's Sky
Two hazardous fauna from No Man's Sky

No Man’s Sky – Visions Returning Players Guide

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No Man’s Sky Visions Guide

Visions is the latest update to hit No Man’s Sky and it has added numerous features for your exploration pleasure. With the focus on diversity, players now have the opportunity to travel to more colorful worlds, discover new artifacts, and salvage valuable treasure. Whether this is the first time you’ve played since the games launch, or decided to grind out some more hours with the new content, here’s a short guide on the newer aspects of No Man’s Sky.

Hello Games has amplified the diversity through No Man’s Sky Visions with new planetary biomes to explore and strange creatures to discover. These biomes are more extraterrestrial than ever before and really showcase the anomalies you can find in space. Coming across one of the new bizarre lifeforms is always an exciting experience since they’re nothing like anything found in our animal kingdom. They’re reminiscent of alien species from popular sci-fi shows like Doctor Who or Stargate. You’ll find crystalline creatures burrowing through the ground and rock critters scuttling away when you attempt to mine them. If you’re an explorer at heart, and play No Man’s Sky to discover the weird and wonderful, then searching for these unique worlds will be worth your time.

Visions has further improved upon its exotic planets with collectible trophies waiting to be claimed. These planets can be quite difficult to find in the first place, collecting upgrades for your starship’s hyperdrive will allow you to travel to different star systems where they’re more likely to be found. Or, you can be like me and crash-land on one by accident. Once you’ve found an exotic planet, you’ll find it easy to search for collectible artifacts as storms never occur. For those who enjoy decorating their base, these trophies add a nice flair, otherwise searching for navigational data or other resources will be more productive. 

Discovering different lifeforms is a big part of No Man’s Sky and each update brings weirder creatures into the universe. New species of hazardous flora have started cropping up on different planets, and they can catch you unawares if you’re not careful. Carnivorous trap plants will take a bite out of unknowing players, and bloated gas flora will slowly expand and explode with dangerous toxins. If you’re careful, the plants will allow you to approach, giving you extra rewards that can be worth the risk depending on what resource you’re gathering. Both of these plants can be eliminated from a distance, although they won’t cause much damage to players.

Crystal treasures appear on an extreme weather planet from No Man's Sky

If you’re saving up for a new starship to add to your fleet, or just enjoy having your pockets lined with cash, new crystal treasures can be found on more hazardous planets to expand your wealth. These storm crystals are easily discovered by both their intense glow, and with the use of the analysis visor. You’ll want to upgrade your exosuit to optimize the amount of time you can spend searching, or at least stock up on sodium to keep your hazard protection recharged. The crystals stack to a maximum of five, so it’s a good idea to check your inventory before you start exploring. Selling prices at different vendors do vary, but you should be able to sell the storm crystals for over 100,000 units.

Players will be able to find new points of interest across planets due to the Visions update. Hello Games has made crashed freighters procedurally generated and these sites will be home to some valuable cargo, you just need to grab your trusty multi-tool to find where it’s hidden. Ancient bones can also be found across the galaxies with fully intact skeletons being especially valuable to the wandering trader. You’re able to scan planets from your starship to determine whether these archaeological sites can be discovered or not. They’ll be marked as Ancient Bones alongside the other common resources found on the planet. Once you’ve landed, using your analysis visor will reveal natural burial sites where these bones are buried, and you’ll need the terrain manipulator to be able to excavate them from the ground.

Player poses with two thumbs up on an exotic planet from No Man's Sky

In the short time I’ve spent playing No Man’s Sky with its latest content, it’s clear the developers are listening to what the community has to say. There’s always more to explore when travelling through the galaxies and I’m excited to see what weird creatures I run into on my next adventure. By the way, for those who have been following the community research missions, week 8 has now begun and it’s time to speak to Polo for the chance to unlock the new Eye of the Korvax helmet.

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