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Nintendo Switch
Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch Outsells PS5 Four To One

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According to reports, the Nintendo Switch has sold outsold PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S by a large margin in the Holiday season.

The data shared by VGChartz revealed that Nintendo Switch closed 2020 selling over 23.5 million units. The small console was not held back by the launch of the next-gen consoles, it managed to sell over 1,396,099 consoles from December 6, through December 12. The closest competitor was PlayStation 5 with 365,048 units sold.

  • Nintendo Switch – 1,396,099
  • Sony PlayStation 5 – 365,048
  • Xbox Series X/S – 192,413
  • Sony PlayStation 4 – 165,670
  • Xbox One – 91,966
  • Nintendo 3DS – 4,845

Nintendo has a very positive 2020, the company managed to sell more consoles than the initially forecasted by Nintendo’s analysts. However, it was not easy for the company, which could not prevent hardware delays.

COVID-19, changed the game as people around the world were ordered to quarantine at homes, the affordable Nintendo Switch became a very interesting source of entertainment for new buyers, Nintendo informed investors that, as of March 31, 2020, the Nintendo Switch has sold 55.77 million units worldwide. This has helped the company to be close to reaching a 12-year high in the appreciation of their shares.

Back in October, industry analyst, Mat Piscatella affirmed that Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5 would not be able to outsell Nintendo Switch this Holiday season. Piscatella based his forecast on the lack of supply of both companies, mainly caused by COVID-19. Something that was proven right after the next to impossible task of acquiring a next-gen console on launch week.

“While there is always high uncertainty in a console transition year, 2020 has obvious additional factors at play that did not exist in prior periods,” Piscatella wrote “It would be difficult to overstate the impact that pandemic-driven changes in consumer behavior have had on the video game market.

“A surge in video game players and engagement through the spring and summer months depleted market inventory of existing hardware while fueling a corresponding surge in content and accessory spending. The impact of these changes is expected to continue throughout the remainder of the year.”

Source: VGChartz

Featured image source: Nintendo Life

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