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Nintendo Indie World Showcase Displays 2021 Plans
Nintendo Indie World Showcase Displays 2021 Plans

Nintendo Indie World Showcase Displays 2021 Plans

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Nintendo released its Indie World Showcase 12.15.2020, announcing all the Indie games currently available for and coming to the Nintendo Switch in the coming year. 

A precursor to the event announced some of the release dates are subject to change because of the covid-19 epidemic. 

The featurette started strong, announcing Spelunky 1 and 2 are coming to the Switch, including local co-op. As developer for Mossmouth, Derek Yu, said best: “Both games are great for playing with friends or on the go.” Multiplayer includes not only the main dungeon crawl, but different mini-games, as well. 

Fisti-Fluffs, coming from Rogue Games, Inc., is a no-holds-barred beat ‘em up described as a “Cat-astrophe.” The player can customize their custom cat and send them into the arena, using any object in the room to their advantage. Chairs, brooms, tables can all be utilized to defeat the other cats. Fisti-Fluffs comes out in early 2021.

Very Very Valet is another chaotic multiplayer party game, from Toyful Studios, where players must maneuver various, insane obstacles to park the car players are asked to deliver. Very Very Valet releases as a timed exclusive for the Switch in early 2021.

Tunche, from HypeTrain Digital, is a fighting game drawing inspiration from the Amazon rainforest where players take control of five different heroes with unique abilities. All characters provide unique movesets that differentiate them distinctly. Find the titular Tuche and set the world back in place. Tuche comes out in March 2021.

Yacht Club Games and Mechanical Head present its newest project, Cyber-Shadow, an homage to old school games like Ninja Gaiden. This isn’t much of a surprise coming from Yacht Club Games, creators of Shovel Knight. Exclusive to the Switch, players will be able to scan Amiibo to have a little Shovel or Plague Knight join them. The 8-bit, action-adventure side-scroller, Cyber-Shadow, comes out January 26, 2021.

Calico was shown at the Indie showcase, a game about owning a Cat Cafe. Peachy Keen Games presents a game where the player must fill their cafe with cats they find and creating a warm atmosphere for guests. Calico is available now for the Switch. 

Ustwo games, creators of Monument Valley, brings Alba: A Wildlife Adventure, an adventure where a young girl must save the animals of her island. Help sick animals, clean up the wilderness, and save the island. Coming to the Nintendo Switch, Spring 2021.

Gnosia was announced, a game featuring playthroughs lasting from five to fifteen minutes, where the player must figure out which of their crew members has been replaced by the Gnosia, an evil alien threat. For increased difficulty, players can adjust the number of Gnosia they will be up against. Face against the impending threat to humanity  in this social deduction game, releasing for the Switch in Early 2021.

Coming from the minds who made Machinarium, Amanita Design announces Happy Game, a psychedelic horror game that needs to be personally experienced to be understood. Taking place in a nightmare, players take control of a young boy who must find his way out as they fulfill tasks and solve puzzles. Happy Game comes out Early 2021.

Team Meat announced, through a short trailer, Super Meat Boy Forever is coming to the Nintendo Switch, December 23, as a Switch exclusive.

Capybara Games brings Grindstone, a puzzle-brawler with a lot of heart. With 200 levels and a leaderboard, this game will keep players who want to scale the mountain very busy. Grindstone is available now for the Switch.

In a slideshow to wrap things up, multiple indie games were shown in quick succession. When the Past was Around, Kosmokrats, Hoa, Hazel Sky, Trash Sailors, and Finding Paradise were all shown. 

To end proceedings, the “oh, and one more thing” announced that Among Us is now available for the Switch. 

A host of games were announced at the Indie World Showcase, providing Switch owners with something to look forward to on the horizon. For more information about these games, visit the Nintendo’s Indie World website found here

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