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Next-Gen Switch Hinted By Nintendo

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Nintendo may have confirmed the long-rumored Switch Pro- Switch 2 in the lastest earning call.

During the Q&A segment of the earning call, Nintendo was asked about the management of the Research and Development team, Nintendo explains that it’s focused on software but some resources are spent on Nintendo Switch Online and new hardware.

“We are still midway through Switch cycle, so software plus outsourcing costs are increasing for Switch which is the main factor. Also cost per title is increasing and need a certain level of scale.” The company added: “Investing in online as well. Although midway through Switch cycle it is necessary to invest in the next platform, where hardware and software integrated will continue.”

The Nintendo Switch Pro is expected to be announced in the summer, the console could launch in Holidays worldwide. Insiders affirm that the console will support NVIDIA’s Deep Learning Super Sampling, a new rendering technology that uses AI to boost the graphics of the console in an efficient way.

The console could also feature a new Samsung OLED panel, a larger battery, a higher clocked CPU, and increased memory. The console is expected to launch for $349.99 but Nintendo due to strong demand, the console could also be sold for $399.99.

Nintendo is reportedly increasing the production of new Nintendo Switch consoles to 30 million for the current fiscal year, perhaps in anticipation of the new hardware, in addition, Shuntaro Furukawa expects hardware shortages in 2021 due to an increase in demand.

Nintendo has reportedly told its third-party partners to start producing games on 4k. More evidence on the next-gen hardware comes from Yoshitaka Murayama, a veteran in the videogames industry who unintentionally said that Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes, will launch for a next-gen Switch in 2022.

Source: David Gibson

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