Nexon Announces DNF Duel And Project BBQ

Nexon Announces DNF Duel And Project BBQ

Arc System Works, Neople and Eighting Studios are working together, in conjunction with Nexon Co. Ltd., to bring DNF Duel, Dungeon & Fighter Duel, to multiple platforms  as well as a new game announced, Project BBQ.

Announced at Nexon’s Dungeon & Fighter Universe Festival, Nexon Co., Ltd. unveiled the 2D Fighting game, which takes place in the Dungeon & Fighter universe and utilizes characters from the lore and mythos, with a gameplay trailer.

In collaboration with Neople and Arc System Works, Nexon is bringing a unique fighter with brilliant animation to multiple consoles. Flashy moves and finishers highlight the trailer, showing some of the unique moves and combos coming to this homage to the genre. More is to be revealed concerning the game, including a release date and the platforms the game is coming to. 

Project BBQ, AKA 3D Dungeon Fighter Online was also announced at the event in Korea. The trailer revealed a new massively-multiplayer online game with monsters, malevolent beings, and a litany of heroes to dispatch them. 

Multiple classes were shown in the trailer, ranging from the boiler plate, seemingly obligatory man with a giant sword on his back to the more contemporary gunslinger.

Combat was shown for both, as well as move sets for the mage and brawler classes. The gunslinger moves around the battlefield swiftly and effortlessly, dashing about as he avoids attacks. The trailer shows teams working together to down giant enemies, coordinating to kite attacks and deal damage. As the trailer continues, more varied enemies were shown, adding complexity to the fights. The enemies shown seem genuinely interesting, with, most notably, one of the bosses essentially being a marionette controlled by a shadow hand before fusing with the hand to become a wraith in the boss’s final phase. Project BBQ looks promising with the unique character and monster design shown in the trailer. 

As with DNF Duel, more information will be provided in the future regarding Project BBQ, including release date and the platforms it will be releasing on. 

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