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Street Fighters V
Street Fighters V

Street Fighters V Season V Adds Five New Fighters

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Capcom has announced the newest update for Street Fighters V, Season V will introduce five new fighters between winter 2020 and summer 2021. The first update is Dan followed by Rose in spring 2021. Next year’s summer will feature Oro and Akira Kazama.

Dan Hibiki was recently teased with developer footage, revealing that the fighter is almost ready to join the ever-growing selection of fighters.

  • Dan Hibiki – The Master of Saikyo Style returns with his unique fighting style and trademark Taunts! He also comes equipped with several new moves up his sleeves. Dan is scheduled for a release in the Winter of 2020!
  • Rose – Were you able to read the future? Fan-favorite Rose brings her Soul Power to Street Fighter V: Champion Edition! In the Summer Update video, the team mentioned they knew that Soul Satellite was a popular move for her. Will her future involve bringing that move back? Rose and her new stage are scheduled to release in Spring 2021!
  • Oro – Back from Street Fighter III, Oro will bring his unorthodox playstyle and unique attacks to SFV. He’s also bringing a new turtle friend with him… will it affect his gameplay? You’ll find out soon enough. Oro is scheduled to join the cast in the Summer of 2021!
  • Akira Kazama – Hailing from Rival Schools, Akira makes her Street Fighter debut in SFV. We’re planning to bring along some of her style and gimmicks from Rival Schools, while still fitting in SFV. Akira and her new stage are scheduled for the Summer of 2021!
  • ???? – You may also remember we previously said there would be five characters for Season V… but we’re not quite ready to announce our fifth yet. Stay tuned for info on that later on!

Interestingly, AestheticGamer has suggested that this “summer update” was not originally planned by Capcom, he claims that Street Fighters VI is in development but due to an obstacle in the development process, the game is now delayed and the Season V update was announced to fill a gap between Street Fighters V and Street Fighters VI.

Stay tuned at Gaming Instincts via Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook for more gaming news.

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