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Nintendo Switch Pro
Nintendo Switch Pro

Nintendo Switch Pro Announcement Soon – Rumor

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According to new reports the Nintendo Switch Pro, a mid console life upgrade to their Nintendo Switch, may see an official announcement soon. According to Bloomberg, Nintendo plans to announce the new system sometime before the start of E3 on June 12th.

Disclaimer – This information has not been verified, therefore this is not factual.

The timeline presented would for release makes sense from a business standpoint. With Nintendo usually having some E3 event these would allow them a place to fully showcase the games utilizing the added power.

These reports continue on to claim that Nintendo is eyeing July to begin assembly of the device, with a release window of September or October. Expectation is it will be priced higher than the $299 the current switch runs for.

4k image output while docked is the biggest selling point of this new version. It remains to be seen if it will boast a native or upscaled version of the resolution. For it’s handled mode it will have a larger screen. Since the body of the switch is not expected to increase this will be achieved by removing the black bars around the current screen.

Another suggested change will be a full body stand. With the current stand on the switch tiny and fragile this sounds like a welcome edition. The dock is expected to remain mostly unchanged however, simply opting for USB 3.0 ports instead of the current 2.0 ports.

Rumors have surrounded the existence of the system for a while now, and with good reason. The release of the latest gen systems from Sony and Microsoft firmly place Nintendo’s console, while fun, as outdated in terms of tech. Nintendo also has a habit of revisiting consoles, such as the New Nintendo 3DS.

Despite chip shortages, suppliers are confident they can meet order demands. The parts are expected to be in less demand, due to them being different than those of their competitors.

All of this remain speculation as of the time of writing this. If they are to be believed we should only have a short wait for answers.

Sources – Bloomberg, Vandal 

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