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Need For Speed Heat
Need For Speed Heat

Need For Speed: Heat – File Size Revealed

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One of the more surprising releases coming this year is EA’s Need For Speed: Heat, which is slated for release in just a few weeks on November 8th. The game so far has received a mixed reception from the few previews we’ve gotten so far. Need For Speed: Heat in some ways seems like a return to form for the series, with Heat bringing back cop chases and this time having the game set in glamourous Miami, Florida.

Need For Speed: Heat is meant to have two modes or styles of play. On one hand, during the day, you’re cruising around in your high-speed vehicle looking for legal races to enhance your reputation in the racing circuit. On the other hand, once the skies get darker, you take part in intense, blistering races looking to increase your reputation in the street while keeping your distance from the cops. Again a good portion of the game seems to be under wraps, however today we do get a bit of insight to how much storage space this will take up on your console. Per a report from GamingHeadquarters, Need For Speed: Heat will take up just under 24 gigabytes on your hard drive. This report continues on in saying there will be over 120 cars to pick from, from over 30 different brands.

I have to admit the game does look gorgeous, however with every EA product we have no idea what the post-launch is going to be like. Will it be riddled with microtransactions? At face value Need For Speed: Heat looks solid and could be a solid racer in a time where the genre seems to have fallen off a cliff.

Will you be getting Need For Speed: Heat or are you waiting for the inevitable next-generation announcement? What about Miami as the setting? Let us know what you think and remember to follow Gaming Instincts on Facebook and Twitter.

Source: GamingHeadquarters

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