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Mercedes Benz in Need For Speed Heat
Mercedes Benz in Need For Speed Heat

Need For Speed Heat Has Gone Gold

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The next installment in Need For Speed series reached the end in development process and is going to get released on the same day that Kojima’s Death Stranding will come out. Need For Speed Heat is another car-packed street-racing title from Ghost Games which I really hope to be a successful game after what happened for Payback in 2017. Fortunately, the new entry won’t feature any microtransactions and loot boxes at all, but that wasn’t the only problem in previous titles of the franchise.

Announced by Ben Walke, global community engagement manager at EA, Need For Speed Heat has gone gold recently and will surely be available on November 8th. Moreover, Walke shared two brief gameplay videos of the game on his Twitter, with one of the showing a Chevy Camaro carving donut on the asphalt and the other one representing a customized Mustang getting repaired by going into a Gas station.

Need For Speed Heat is going to feature a story-mode as most of the titles in the series. As a street racer, you are going to compete with others in two different playgrounds. In the daylight, you can take part in legal street races to get money and level up your car. On the other hand, in the darkness of night, you will be racing against your opponents to get reputation but it’s not that easy with cops and patrols chasing after you. If you get caught at night, you’ll lose everything you’ve earned in daylight.

In addition to full customizing options for cars, in Heat, you are able to customize the driver as well. Like most of the NFS games, Heat is also set in a fictional city. Thus far, Ghost Games hasn’t revealed anything about the scale of the map compared to previous titles.

NFS Heat will be available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Source: DSOGaming

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