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Need for Speed Heat Mechanics Explained by Developers

Developers of Need for Speed Heat, Ghost Driving decided to release more information regarding the game in their new blog to talk about the new vehicle upgrades and how customization mechanics will work in Need for Speed Heat.

Upgrades have been split into four different groups: Engine, Chassis, Drivetrain, and Auxilary.

Auxilary upgrades work differently now, meaning that they both have passive and active upgrades, such as re-inflatable tires, more damage, and bolt-on upgrades that can instantly refuel NOS.

NOS works in two forms as they come in both big and small bottles, so you’ll have to alternate in between them. Additionally, players will have a large amount of options for racing.

There’s also a lot of aesthetic customization which has plenty to look forward to with the type of exhaust sounds they can play around in.

Also, player will be able to get car parts by leveling up and purchasing them from the Part Shop or by completing High Heat missions. You’ll always be chased by the police in this mode but the rewards will be worth it if you reach the top 5.

For more information on Need for Speed Heat, check out here.

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