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NBA 2K20 – Becomes Highest-Selling Game of 2019

Another year passes and another slew of sports games are released to the masses. FIFA, Madden and 2K usually being the ones spoken about every Fall. This generation has been different in many ways and one of those, especially this year is the discussion of microtransactions in video games. We’ve seen more content creators, journalists and players speak out against their use and that discussion has been louder than ever. Unfortunately, it seems when push comes to shove, gamers are still buying these games giving the impression to companies that keeping these microtransactions in won’t hear their overall numbers. NBA 2K20 continues this tradition.

The NBA 2K, for the most part, has flown under the radar with its practices, with games like FIFA and Madden somehow taking more scrutiny. This year, however, the 2K series took on the heat for essentially having something replicating a slot machine in their MyTeam Triple Threat mode. The slot machine would eventually be replaced with a Plinko machine. Couple this with the game releasing to host of bugs and crashes, some considered this game a step back from previous iterations.

After all of this though, NBA 2K20 has already become the best selling game in the U.S in 2019. You read that, I genuinely can’t even believe I’m writing this given all the controversy but those are the facts. In one month’s time, NBA 2K20 beat out Mortal Kombat (#2), Borderlands 3 (#3), Madden 20 (#4) and Kingdom Hearts III (#5). 2K will continue to profit this year into next, with the number of microtransactions not just in their MyTeam mode but in their MyCareer/MyPlayer mode as well.

I really am surprised by this news as the majority of reports and people I’ve heard have said the game isn’t good compared to last year. I didn’t grab the game this year to “take a stand”, but that seems entirely moot. Did you grab NBA 2K20 this year? Does the game perform better than it did at launch? Let me know and make sure to follow Gaming Instincts on Facebook and Twitter.

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