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Crackdown 3
Crackdown 3

Crackdown 3 Developer Is Working with 2K Games on New Projects

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Crackdown 3 was a disaster for Microsoft and everybody knows it even head of Xbox. It was a kind of game that Microsoft probably take a deep breath after its launched cause they just get rid of a dated project after so many years. However, the team behind Crackdown 3 still exists out there and it’s definitely not of Micro’s first-party studios, which means they can continue their career with different publishers. Recently, the team has revealed that it’s decided to work on new projects with 2K Games.

While the managing director at Sumo Digital has been tight-lipped on any details for these new projects, he did confirm that their upcoming titles will be produced with the help of 2K Games. Gary Dunn said:

We’re delighted to be working with 2K and look forward to disclosing details of the projects in due course.

While it remains as a mystery that whether the new projects are brand new IPs or sequels to previous franchises, 2K Games definitely has a bunch of great IPs that are left out of sight in the past years. Sumo Digital is currently works on Dead Island 2 to be published by Deep Silver. The studio has previously developed great titles such as Little Big Planet 3 exclusively for PlayStation 3. The new projects for 2K Games are being developed at Sumo’s Sheffield studio and Red Kite Games.

We will definitely let you know more about these new projects as soon as we get official news or strong rumors on them. Make sure to follow Gaming Instincts on Twitter if you want to get news faster an easier.

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