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Manchester United in FIFA 20
Manchester United in FIFA 20

FIFA 20 Surpassed 10 Million Players

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Simulating the world’s most popular sport in video games could bring you an unbelievable success if the quality meets the expectations. For FIFA 20, there might be some issues yet, but they will never affect its incredible sales in less than a month after launch. Right now, over 10 million people have played the game which seems to be a great milestone for EA Sports team and the series.

According to Electronic Arts, since its launch, 450 million matches have been played and over 1.2 billion goals have been scored. Speaking of VOLTA Football, 5 million avatars have been created there as well. Going over the stats out of the game, the subreddit for FIFA 20 has grown 610.2% after the game’s launch back in September 27th.

Aside from delivering an entertaining experience, lack of a powerful competitor for FIFA series is another reason for why the new entry has sold that much. Konami improved its PES series with the new installment in many ways including gameplay, but due to the lack of licensed clubs in the game, it could never reach a popularity same as FIFA 20. Moreover, the addition of VOLTA Football to the new iteration of FIFA series is the next reason for Football fans to choose FIFA over PES.

During the last two weeks, FIFA 20 has been at top of the UK Sales chart, even with the release of Ubisoft’s Ghost Recon: Breakpoint on October 4th.

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Source: Dualshockers

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