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Monster Hunter World
Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter World Iceborne RoadMap to be Revealed

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Capcom today announced  will be releasing the “2020 Roadmap” for Monster Hunter World: Iceborn at Monster Hunter Festa ’19 -’20” held on January 19, 2020 in Osaka, Japan. 

Monster Hunter World: Iceborn expansion released yesterday for PC players through Steam. The Iceborne expansion offers a large amount of new content. This expansion features a new storyline in which, players explore a new icy location called Hoarfrost Reach. This location progressively expands and later becomes the largest region in the game. Hoarfrost Reach is the home of a mysterious new Elder Dragon Velkhana.

According to Capcom, the expansion improves every aspect of Monster Hunter: World, and set new challenge for experienced players, a higher difficulty rank called ‘Master Rank’ can be found. New features have been added, a new Clutch Claw mechanics and updated to all weapon types are included in the expansion.

PC users will benefit from the high resolution texture pack, and customizable graphics settings. Also, PC players will receive an item packs containing free consumable items. Logging in between now and February 5th,  will grant the players the item pack.

Other new “series first” gameplay features include a two-player balanced difficulty scale, the ability to ride small monsters to traverse maps and a Hunter Helper player incentive to encourage more experienced Master Rank hunters to help Low and High Rank players progress through the World game. Also, for hunters who have yet to complete the story from Monster Hunter: World, free Defender Weapons and a Guardian Armor set help them progress through the main story in order to get to Iceborne.

Monster Hunter: World is currently Capcom’s best selling game  At E3 2019, the game’s director said: “To be honest, it still doesn’t feel like it’s real,” …“The fact that, all these years later, I’ve made this game that goes beyond all of those, at some level it feels unreal to me.”

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