Minecraft Sales to Surpass 180 Million Units Soon

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If you are asked about best-selling title of gaming history, the answer is definitely Grand Theft Auto V, but if are questioned about the longest-running and still best-selling game of the industry, the answer needs more thinking to come out of your brain, but let me give you a hint. I don’t know if Minecraft is the exact response for the question or not, but it suits the answer very well, especially with new information about it that reveals number of sales for the game through all these 10 years.

Based on the official report from Microsoft and Mojang, Minecraft has sold over 176 million copies worldwide during the past 10 years that have passed from the game’s launch. PC version of the game owns 30 million units of this epic sale, while the remaining amount divides into current-gen, last-gen and mobile platforms.

With the number above, Minecraft is titled as the best-selling game of the history with having no other competitor even close to it. However, some refers to Tetris as its competitor, but to be honest, there isn’t any official information on sales for Tetris as of its release, so statistically, Minecraft is the only champion here.

Most recently, Microsoft announced Minecraft: Earth for mobile platforms which is a AR-based game for Minecraft lovers to build their castles on everywhere they want around the world.

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