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Fable Reboot
Fable Reboot

Fable Reboot to be Revealed at E3 2019, According to Rumors

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Playground Games has been developing Forza Horizon series for years so far and the studio has always delivered great entries for the series, each one with remarkable ideas and unique features to make the series distinct among all the arcade racing titles you might’ve played. Now, the studio is going to develop its first title out of Horizon series in a totally different genre. While previously we’ve heard about a new Fable game being developed at Playground Games, the rumor got supported by the leaks of a reliable insider that claims it will be revealed briefly at E3 2019.

According to the leak, Microsoft is going to announce Fable Reboot during its E3 showcase with a brief teaser in which we won’t see the full name of the game. However, more information will come out about Playground’s new ambitious title sometime after, especially in the next year’s E3 that the game will get its release date and more extended trailer. Rumors suggest that the new Fable will be coming to next-gen Xbox in 2021. Last piece of information indicates that the new entry of the series won’t be a sequel to the previous title, as the development team tries to deliver a full reboot of the franchise to the next-gen console of Microsoft.

If you are not familiar with the series, Fable is a third-person action RPG game in which you live in a fantasy world and fight against monsters and dragons. First title in the series developed by Big Blue Box Studios, but the sequels were made by Lionhead Studios. Fable 3 was the last entry of the franchise that released back in 2010 exclusively for Xbox 360 and PC.

We will update you on the article as soon as we get official confirmation on it or more trustworthy details. Follow Gaming Instincts on Twitter and share your ideas with us in there.

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