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Microsoft Might Not Push Microtransactions on to AA studios

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Microsoft Might Not Push Microtransactions on to AA studios

Microsoft’s latest acquisitions are a mix of AA and AAA studios, But it appears as Microsoft Studios executives has made a clear distinction between AA and AAA titles as they are seeing AA titles as an crucial part of the industry, AA games help keeping fans patient with games that might take longer to develop and in that way it complements very well with bigger projects.

Reports from our friends at TweakTown suggest that this could mean smaller AA titles might not have heavy microtransactions marketing strategies implemented as not all AA titles need an online service, personally I agree with Derek’s opinion as he points out this interview from this year E3 with Microsoft Studios Executive Mat Booty:

“While the industry is growing across the board, there seems to be fewer teams and studios focused on ‘mid-tier’ games that sit between triple-A blockbusters on one end and smaller indie games on the other,”

“Those are some of the kinds of studios that we’re interested in partnering with right now, studios with teams that can make quality, crafted games that sit just between mid-tier and triple-A and by becoming part of our Microsoft Studios family, can focus on craft and innovation and accelerate their creative growth.

“We were never focused on the size of a studio or the number of acquisitions. Regardless of size, studios develop unique cultures that fuel their creativity and innovation. For us, it came down to finding the right teams who can not only deliver great games but also fit well with the Microsoft Studios family.

We also believe that the diversity of content is valuable. There is value in having studios in different parts of the world as those teams bring unique points of view and unique talents to game development. “We are fortunate to have a great line-up of long-running triple-A franchises with Halo, Gears of War, Minecraft, Forza, Age of Empires and so on. Adding smaller teams with a focus on characters and stories helps round out the total portfolio.”

Read the full article at  – TweakTown.

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