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Microsoft artwork
Microsoft artwork

Microsoft Gains Another God of War Developer

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Principal Environment Artist, Erik Jakobsen, has recently left his position at Sony Santa Monica to join the new Microsoft “AAAA” studio, The Initiative. He was previously involved with the recent God of War game that came out in April of 2018. He worked on that game as their Senior Staff Environment Artist.

This isn’t the first acquisition that Microsoft has made for their new studio. Jakobsen is only the most recent developer from Sony Santa Monica to make the switch to working for Xbox. Ever since the troubled launch of the Xbox One, Microsoft has been putting in a lot more work to build back up their reputation. With the new generation on consoles less than a year away, fans are starting to see them making some big strides to get ahead this time.M

Even the fact that The Initiative is being referred to as a “AAAA” studio should be enough to get fans excited. That is a term that hasn’t been used much in the gaming industry, and with the bad light that has been shining on certain AAA games lately, this is the kind of distinction that gamers are excited to know more about.

Regardless of what they refer to themselves as, The Initiative appears to be building to something big for next gen. Whatever it is that they are working on, there is a good chance that it will be a launch title that will get people excited about buying an Xbox Series X. If that’s the case, gamers can expect to hear more about it pretty soon. Either way, Microsoft has prepared and is ready for what the future of the gaming industry holds.

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