Top 5 Enhanced Games for Xbox Series X

Top 5 Enhanced Game Pass Games for Xbox Series X

Xbox Series X is the most powerful console Xbox has ever created. Pair it with a GamePass subscription and you will always have something to play. When it comes to playing on the Series X, you want to play the games that take full advantage of all that processing power and showcase how powerful the console actually is.

Here are five games available on GamePass that take advantage of the incredible power of the Xbox Series X.

Destiny 2

Since Bungie split with Activision, it has been making its own calls on where Destiny 2 should go when it comes to what’s best for the players.

The company proved that by launching the upgraded version of Destiny 2 on the same day the Xbox Series X released.

When you boot up Destiny 2 on Xbox Series X, you will be playing at a crisp 60 FPS, or you can choose the Crucible Mode and play at 120hz if your display is compatible. 

Top 5 Enhanced Games for Xbox Series X

If you’ve started your Destiny 2 campaign on other platforms and you don’t want to start over, you don’t need to worry. Destiny 2 has cross-save and is cross-generation. Your save will carry over and you will still be able to play with gamers even if they haven’t upgraded to the newest consoles yet. 

Destiny 2 on GamePass also includes its expansions: Forsaken, Shadowkeep, and Beyond Light.

Destiny 2 on GamePass is the full experience at incredible frame rates and resolution. 

Ori and The Will of the Wisps

Ori and the Will of the Wisps is a fantastic action-platformer that came out in early 2020.

Receiving rave reviews from critics and players alike, Ori and the Will of the Wisps is an incredible sequel to its predecessor, Ori and the Blind Forest (also available on GamePass).

While Ori 2 already looked gorgeous running on the Xbox One family of consoles, somehow Moon Studios was able to make this game look even more incredible on Xbox Series X.

Top 5 Enhanced Games for Xbox Series X

When you install Ori 2 on your Series X, you will be welcomed to a 4K resolution and expedited loading times, all while running at a locked 120 FPS and looking bright and vibrant thanks to HDR. 

If those updates weren’t enough for you, Moon Studios will blow your mind, because it added a 6K Supersampled Rendering Mode which will give you sharp image quality and makes it look even more art-like. While the game won’t actually be in 6K resolution, you will see a visual upgrade while you play the game at a 4K Resolution and 60 FPS.

Thanks to these upgrades, the motion resolution gets a boost, the animation quality looks silky smooth, and the input responsiveness is instant. These updates make this game even more fun and it is definitely a game that you need to check out to see the power of the Xbox Series X.

Halo: The Master Chief Collection

Halo: The Master Chief Collection was a great opportunity to take every Halo campaign and online modes and put them in one package. Unfortunately, when the game released in 2014, it wasn’t performing that well,causing crashes and making the entire gameplay experience unbearable.

Fast Forward to 2021 and 343 Industries has continued to put time and resources into this game. While it has been fixing the bugs that hurt the game early on, the team also decided to include Halo: Reach and Halo 3: ODST to the long list of Halo games already available to play. 

Top 5 Enhanced Games for Xbox Series X

The wait for Halo: Infinite is longer than we wanted, but 343 Industries made sure we can play as Master Chief while looking his best. 

Halo: The Master Chief Collection can now be played at up to 4K resolution and can reach 120 FPS in both the campaign and multiplayer. 

It also allows you to play couch co-op with a friend, which was something missing from MCC since it launched.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege

Even though Rainbow Six Siege released six years ago in 2015, Ubisoft continues to show the title love and attention. Rainbow Six Siege is constantly adding new operators every year and restructuring current maps to make playing on them even better. 

Bringing this game to a new generation of consoles didn’t change the amount of love given to this title. 

Top 5 Enhanced Games for Xbox Series X

Rainbow Six Siege now gives you two resolution choices. You can play the online game in Performance Mode, which would give you the 4K resolution with 120 FPS, or you can choose the Resolution Mode which will give you that crisp 4K resolution with a steady 60 FPS.

While the version of this game on GamePass doesn’t include all the possible operators, you are able to purchase additional operators through the game’s Year Pass or by purchasing Rainbow Six Credits through the Microsoft Store.

Gears 5

When Gears 5 launched in 2019, it became one of the best-looking games on the Xbox One family of consoles. Right when you think it couldn’t play any better, or look any crisper, the game receives an update for the Xbox Series X. 

Due to the power of the Series X, Gears 5 has reduced load times. You can start the single-player campaign in as little as eight seconds, compared to the 34-36 seconds you will have to wait on the Xbox One X and Xbox One.

Top 5 Enhanced Games for Xbox Series X

One of the best additions to the Xbox Series X is Quick Resume; it allows you to quickly switch between multiple games and pick up exactly where you left it. As an owner of the Series X, this is my favorite feature and having it be a part of a campaign is a huge boost.

When it comes to graphics, Gears 5 unsurprisingly looks incredible. Running at a 4K Ultra Resolution along with a steady 60 FPS, Gears 5 continues to be one of the most enhanced games you can only play on Xbox as well as PC.

Along with its campaign, the updated version of Gears 5 includes new content, such as Dave Batista joining the campaign and a DLC unlock for players of Gears Tactics (also available on GamePass).

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