Media Molecule Is Recruiting Small Development Teams to Make Games in Dreams

We usually used to hear that studios are hiring new developers to work on a new project and create their upcoming titles, but today, the team behind Dreams post something interesting about recruiting new developers. Media Molecule invites small development groups and individuals to create new games within Dreams.

As you might know, Dreams is a sandbox exclusive title for PlayStation 4 through which you are able to develop games and live-out your wildest dreams. Although the game is still in early access mode, but dozens of fascinating games have been made so far within Dreams by players all around the world. Now that the game has such a huge potential, Media Molecule attempts to increase the number of professional contents within Dreams by hiring game developers who are familiar with Dreams and the way it works.

According to the blogpost shared by Media Molecule, this is a good opportunity for teams that want to collaborate with them on creating contents for Dreams. This would be an extraordinary chance for those who are new to the game development world and want to be in some serious projects while getting paid for them.

Dreams is currently available on PS4 as an early access title. The release date for the game’s full version is yet to be known.

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