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Mass Effect Announced at The Game Awards 2020

During The Game Awards, BioWare announced the next chapter in the Mass Effect franchise. The game was revealed with a teaser trailer showcasing the stunning graphics of the next installment.

Check the trailer here:


The studio recently announced that a veteran team of developers at BioWare is working on the pre-production of the next chapter of the Mass Effect Universe. 

The development team shared a very special message in BioWare’s Blog:

Earlier today we teased a little more about Dragon Age, giving you a glimpse of the story and some of its characters. And, surprise! Another team within BioWare has already begun pre-production on the next chapter in the Mass Effect universe.

Rich, branching narratives, choices with consequences, and intriguing characters are central to the entire Dragon Age franchise, and we’re putting a lot of work into these. You’ll form relationships with companions who will fight by your side when you experience this true Dragon Age saga set in Thedas, a world in need of a new kind of hero.

We’ve got a lot more in store for the Mass Effect universe and while we’ve got a long runway ahead of us before we’ll be ready to show you more, we hope the teaser set the tone for where we’re headed next. The teaser is full of hints about what we are planning, and we hope you have fun finding them all!

After the disappointing Mass Effect Andromeda, fans are expecting much more from BioWare, and from the first look, it seems that the studio might be producing a very special game.

Mass Effect is a military science fiction game created by Preston Watamaniuk, Drew Karpyshyn, and Casey Hudson,  the development studio was BioWare and the publisher is EA. The story is presented from a third-person perspective where players take the role of a soldier named Commander Shepard, his mission is to save the galaxy from a race of mechanical beings known as Reapers.

Source: BioWare

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