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Marvel’s Wolverine Announced for PlayStation 5

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The PlayStation Showcase chose to end with a bevy of announcements out of their own PlayStation Studios. During this time Insomniac Games, which was purchased by Sony back in the Fall of 2019, was present with a teaser trailer or two. The most shocking of these announcements was a teaser trailer for an upcoming Marvel’s Wolverine that the studio is developing.

Although rumored to be in development earlier this year, the game still made an impact with its short amount of time in the spotlight during the event. Simply put, we get a few scenes of a bar with everybody in the said bar having been taken down by the sole man sitting at the bar. While this should be enough context to figure out who the star of this game will be, a close-up of the man’s hand as he draws his claws seals the deal.

Of course, Insomniac games has already had a very successful hit in the Marvel Universe thanks to Marvel’s Spider-man. There is no word if this game will be connected to that game, or help kickstart a Marvel gaming universe but that would be fun to see.

Marvel’s Wolverine has been confirmed as a PlayStation 5 exclusive, as we finally see a few developers begin to leave the previous generation of the PlayStation 4 behind. This also means that both the Xbox Consoles will most likely not be getting this game. Though PC will most likely get it as Sony has committed to PC ports of their games, there is likely to be a delay between the PlayStation 5 release and PC.

For gamers looking to play as Wolverine outside of the PlayStation, the tactical game Marvel’s Midnight Suns, developed by XCOM devs Firaxis will be available on multiple platforms and will feature the clawed hero.

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