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Marvel: Midnight Suns Revealed At Gamescom

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There has been some talk over the last few months that Firaxis, the developer behind the rebooted XCOM franchise, would be putting their own spin on a Marvel game. While no gameplay was actually shown during Opening Night Live! at Gamescom, a cinematic trailer did finally offer us our first look at the game, entitled Marvel: Midnight Suns.

Thankfully the first thing you might notice is that it appears one of the rumors about the game is not true, there will indeed be established Marvel characters in the game. Among the most noticeable, there is Wolverine, Dr. Strange, and Blade to name a few.

On the other hand, the main character in the game will be fully customizable so that the player can bring themselves into the game in some capacity. Similarly, the villain will also be new, tying into the main character of the game.

As far as the vibe of the game, set by a cinematic version of the song Enter Sandman, definitely looks to be familiar to fans of their previous franchise. Unlike much marvel media, this game seems to revel in the macabre and offer up a dark take on the universe.

While the gameplay was not shown, the previous rumors have placed it firmly in the realm of what Firaxis is most known for. The game will be a tactical RPG with each character having their own special abilities they bring into combat. How players will be able to evolve their own character has yet to be seen so that should be interesting.

While no release date is given, players can expect to see the gameplay reveal on September 1 at 11:30 PT. We will keep you updated when the gameplay trailer is showcased.

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