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Marvel’s Avengers Coming To Game Pass, Including PC

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In a surprise announcement today, Xbox has announced that the Square Enix game as a service title Marvel’s Avengers will be made available through their Games Pass service on the Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC starting on September 30th.

Not only will Game Pass members get access to the main game present when the game launched, but they will also have access to the DLC released for the game since then since those have been released free for the game. This will include both Hawkeye Characters, as well as Black Panther, and all the stages associated with those characters. They will not be receiving the next character, Spider-Man, or his associated story as this will be a PlayStation exclusive.

This release will also coincide with the game’s one-year anniversary event. During the period between September 30th and October 4th, a quad XP event will take place, allowing new players to quickly level their Avengers.

Overall, Avengers has struggled to maintain an active audience over the past year. While the game has seen spikes in both players, and sales, through their next-generation upgrades and their most recent War For Wakanda DLC which introduced new regions and Black Panther characters.

Despite this fact, Square Enix doesn’t seem to be worried about the game’s sales. They have often told investors to not worry about the sales, and that any losses posted by the game do not affect the rest of the companies sales. It is possible that the companies own efforts in turning the poorly received MMO Final Fantasy XIV into one of the most popular MMO games of all time means they are more willing to let studio Crystal Dynamics continue to tweak and fix it.

Square Enix has also been notorious for having an extremely high standard for success, bring into question just how poorly Avengers actually performed. Marvel’s Avengers is set to have a second year of content releasing and supported by Square Enix so they must still see some value in it. Hopefully, being part of Game Pass will help the game attract new players.

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