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Final Fantasy XIV
Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV Runs Out of Codes After Player Surge

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Recently, Final Fantasy XIV recently hit a major milestone, achieving 22 million registered users for the game. This marked a 2 million increase in an 8-month span, which is an impressive feat. As it turns out, the new increase in popularity has not stopped there. According to uses, the game has had such a spike in popularity that digital codes for the game sold out. In North America, you cannot buy the game digitally, nor can you create new characters on the servers.

On Reddit, several users have stated that the servers have freed up, however, it seems that these openings only last for a few moments before they are no longer available. As it stands now server space is extremely limited for users.

Purchasing the game is another story. According to Square Enix store users, the digital copies of the game have an “out of stock” message attached to them. This could mean that the digital codes have run out for them or Square Enix is trying to actively limit the influx of new users. Since almost every server is full currently, the second option might not be such a bad idea for the company.

All of this has also happened as the game prepares for its newest expansion, Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker. The influx in users might be in anticipation of the expansion, or simply they are now excited for it since they started playing, but Endwalker has also seen a large increase in pre-orders. The company has stated that this increase is somewhere between 160- 180 percent.

The game has been growing rapidly over the last year, ever since it was announced that players would be allowed a full trial up till they hit level 60. This span of the game offers 100 hours of content at least, and plenty to get invested in before you would be expected to pay the monthly fee.

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker will be available on November 23. It will be available for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Windows, Mac, and Steam.

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