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My Lovely Daughter – A resource management simulation/visual novel game

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My Lovely Daughter – A resource management simulation/visual novel game

What would you do if you have the opportunity to revive the one you beloved the most? How far will you go to achieve that? Will you sacrifice one love for other uncertain love?

My Lovely Daughter tells the story of Faust, an amnesiac alchemist and father, who found himself in his deserted house alone, only accompanied by the corpse of his daughter and the remnants of his work. Players will control Faust as he tries to grow a soul that will bring back his daughter.

To grow the soul, Faust will need to create dozens of homunculi, raise them accordingly as his artificial daughter, and kill them to feed their souls to the real one. Creating and raising the homunculus will require Faust to assign them to many kinds of jobs, leveling them up in the process while getting the income to buy more materials to create another homunculus and buy enough balm to prevent his real daughter from decaying.

The game features:

  • Dozens of homunculus to raise with their own traits and characteristics
  • Hand-drawn art to accompany the dark theme of the game
  • High replay value with multiple endings and secrets to unlock
  • Gothic-inspired tracks that will bring the players to the immersive world of My Lovely Daughter

My Lovely Daughter is developed by Gamechanger Studio, published by Toge Productions, and will be available for PC, Mac, and Linux.

Check out the Trailer:


“Faith has given me immortality, but time took my family away. Science and witchcraft are the only hope to bring back my dearest… my lovely daughter…” My Lovely Daughter is an alchemy experiment themed – story driven game where you act as an immortal alchemy professor who combines ingredients to conjure homunculus and transmute it into a little girl.

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