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Lost Judgment
Lost Judgment

Lost Judgment Gets New Trailer At State of Play

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Lost Judgment, a game set in the Yakuza universe, just keeps looking better and better. While earlier this week they chose to show off the darker tone opening cinematic to the game, at the PlayStation State of Play they took the time to remind us that the game isn’t all doom and gloom. It is also a lot of fun and games.

Once again, as is the running theme with all the trailers it opens in a courtroom as we are informed that a body had turned up in Yokohama. This is constantly driven home as the lynchpin moment that drags Takayuki Yagami into the central plot that could cost him everything.

Where this trailer differs, however, is this is really all we spend on the plot. The trailer then moves into a better look at the parkour which was showcased earlier. This involves a QTE event to leap a gap between platforms as well as climbing a wall by moving between handholds. This looks like a fun addition to Yagami’s abilities.

From there we move onto what Yakuza fans really want, tons of fun ways to get sidetracked. There is only a brief look given to a mini-robot that is referred to as ‘Yagami-Bot’, maybe this is a mini-game quest similar to the pocket circuit it both Yakuza 0 and Kiwami. After that we see him doing some boxing against another person.

Other mini-games imply an exercise-style dancing class, a motorcycle race against several Bōsōzoku, skateboarding, and dog walking. Later on, it is shown that the dog actually helps him during one combat segment. While not showcased during this trailer players can expect Club Sega to be full of arcade games as well, including the new edition Sonic Rivals.

While some story segments follow the minigame showcase, they mostly serve as an excuse to show Yagami kicking ass and taking names. As was recently confirmed by RGG studios, the Judgment will play similar to classic Yakuza with button-mashing real-time fights. This is in contrast to the turn-based style Yakuza will follow with lead Ichiban Kasuga.

Lost Judgment will release globally on September 24, 2021. It will be available for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One.

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