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Sonic 30th Anniversary
Sonic 30th Anniversary

A Look At The Sonic 30th Anniversary Stream

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A 12 minute stream in honor of the Sonic 30th Anniversary premiered today from SEGA, giving a brief look at what we can expect from the blue blur in the near future. While the live stream was short it was stated these Sonic Central Events to be an ongoing series.

Sonic 30th Anniversary Symphony 

The first thing that was presented was an virtual symphony featuring Sonic tracks throughout the years. The music will be preformed by a live orchestra, Dj and Composer Tomoya Atani, as well as legendary Sonic rockers Crush 40. The event will occur on June 23rd and will be free to all who wish to watch it. A sneak peak will be shown during the summer game fest.

Tokyo 2020 (Costume)

You would be forgiven if you read this and think of Mario & Sonics long time Olympic rivalry. However this addition is coming to the Tokyo 2020 official game. This will allow you to dress your character up in a full sonic outfit as you compete. It’s not a crazy addition, but seeing it in action might take some getting used too. Tokyo 2020 will release June 22nd, just in time for the real Olympics.

Two Point Hospital

Again we see Sonic game jump, this time to Sega’s popular hospital sim. In game costumes will be available, allowing you to dress as your favorite Sonic characters. There will also be plenty of sonic themed décor, including rugs and statues. This will be made available July 30th for free to all players.

Lost Judgement

My most anticipated game of the year is also getting some Sonic love. Lost judgement is the latest game from Yakuza studio RGG.  Sonic: The Fighters from 1996 will be playable in the Club Sega’s that are scattered around the maps. This is just another example of how the Yakuza and Judgement series act as a shrine to long forgotten Sega games. Lost Judgement will arrive September 24th.

Sonic Colors Ultimate And Rise of The Wisps

Sonic Colors is coming back with an ultimate edition for all those that missed it or want a second go around. Sonic Colors was considered a return to form for the series when it was released. Preordering will net you baby Sonic Keychain from the Sonic movie. A digital deluxe edition will also get exclusive in game cutscenes. The Ultimate Edition will release September 7th.

Speaking of Sonic Colors, we are also getting a series of animated shorts. Rise of the Wisps will be a two part animated series but it was stated others are planned. Set in the Sonic Colors universe in will involve Sonic attempting to save the aforementioned Wisps from Dr. Robotnik. Episode 1 is slated for release this Summer.

Sonic Origins

A compilations of the original Sonic games is also in the works. The collection is set to include Sonic, Sonic2, Sonic 3 & Knuckles, and Sonic CD. It is planned for next year but does not yet have a release date.

Sonic Prime

Sonic will be racing onto Netflix with a brand new Anime. It will involve sonic spin dashing his way through the Shatterverse over the course of 24 episodes.  This show is being developed Man of Action Entertainment, the studio behind Ben 10. You can expect it sometime in 2o22.

And Finally…

New Sonic Game

The event ended with a tiny look at the next game in the series. Sonic dashes through a forest, running around a  set of tree’s in a circle. This transitions to to what looks like glyphs in the Shape of a ‘U’ and a ‘P’.  Whatever that means, the 2022 that appears over them is pretty clear. Sonic will return next year.

If you would like to watch the full stream check it out below:

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