Deathloop Gets Brutal New Deep Dive

Deathloop has received plenty of exposure since being announced in 2019. Having been delayed multiple times, with each delay has come a new look at the game to tide gamers over. Since the game will also remain exclusive for a year on PlayStation, the company has not missed a chance to show it off. This plan was not changed by the purchase of Zenimax, and therefore Arkane, by Microsoft earlier this year.

Similar to the last deep dive, this trailer showcased Colt, the lead character of the game, attempting to kill one of the eight targets he will need to kill before midnight. Should he fail to kill them, or himself be killed, the day will restart and he will have to do it again. This deep dive really plays into the rouge-lite elements the game has been boasting so fans of Returnal should get should enjoy what is on offer.

Where the game really sets itself apart is how it blends concepts from another big Arkane game, Dishonored. While one always expects a level of pattern learning to games where the point is to die and repeat, players also learn that the day has a rhythm to it. Enemies have places they might be, those places have elements that affect HOW you might choose to complete the task of killing your target, and your abilities, such as the teleport, change how you might choose to approach the task.

One of your targets, however, does not like the idea of sitting and waiting for you to kill them. Julianna, one of the few residents of Blackreef Island aware of the time loop, will hunt down the player. She can invade your game at any time either controlled by AI or another player. And based on the look, she does not need to let you see her coming.

Throughout the run, Julianna constantly harrassed Colt over the two-way communicator. These exchanges ranged from witty banter between the two to verbal taunts about Colts’ attempt to break the loop. How often we will experience these exchanges in the game remains to be seen, but they were a highlight of the dive.

Deathloop will release Sept 27th, 2021 for the PlayStation 5 and Microsoft Windows. It will remain console exclusive for a year.

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