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Series X
Series X

Leaked: Two Series X Games To Be Announced at E3

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OsirisBlack fom NeoGAF apparently has information about two Xbox Series X titles to be announced at Microsoft’s E3 conference.

OsirisBlack is known for being accurate about his rumors, and predictions. He is known for leaking the PS4 Pro’s specifications. Now he is claiming that Killer Instincts 2 and a RockSteady title will be announced for the Xbox Series X. He also suggest that Microsoft’s conference would be very hard to beat.

Killer Instincts was one of the Xbox One’s launch titles, and since, has a huge fan base, and has managed to bring characters from different games like Rash from Battletoads, Genaral RAAM from Gears of War and Arbiter from Halo.

As for the upcoming Killer Instinct sequel, he used what appeared to be character selection screen music as proof. Though considering there hasn’t even been a hint of Killer Instinct 2 lately, there’s no telling if he’s right on that, either.

SegmentNext reports, that in the last years there has been a lot of speculation surrounding Rocksteady Studios and a Superman game. Rocksteady has worked almost flawlessly on the Batman Arkham games. A new story from a DC character is awaited.

A couple of days ago OsirisBlack alleges that he recently took a look at a vertical slice of a next-gen game. The leaker says this game is “another level” in terms of graphics, he spoke in great details about the game, he actually avoids giving the name a game. But NeoGaf user’s feel he is talking about a sequel of The Order 1866.

OsirisBlack mentions a man with a light device on their shoulder searching through a dark room before firing on a monster with several arms and yellow eyes. As you may remember, the werewolf in The Order 1886 had yellow eyes.

Stay tuned at Gaming Instincts via Twitter, YouTube and Facebook for the latest gaming news.

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