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borderlands 4
borderlands 4

Borderlands 4 Teased By Randy Pitchford

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If you are the kind of gamer into crazy characters, over the top action, and cell shaded art then you might be in for a treat. Randy Pitchford recently took to twitter, not once but twice, to imply Borderlands 4 is in the works.

Earlier this month the CEO of Gearbox took to twitter to to tell fans that they had some amazing stuff in the work. The admission was in response to questions being raised about them assisting another company on some form of Borderlands.

While amazing stuff COULD be anything, he goes on to ask if anybody has “Skills-To-Pay-Bills”.  He proceeded to ask if those people would like to get in on some Borderlands action because they are working on “the big one”. Hard to imagine there is much room for interpretation to that.

If that wasn’t telling enough he then proceeded to tweet a second time. This time he was praising the new Unreal Engine 5.

He states that the engine is clearly perfect for a next gen Borderlands. In fairness to that statement he is right. Every game game in the series has released on some form of Unreal Engine, starting back with the Unreal Engine 3. Using Unreal was never really in question, but the fact he REALLY wants you to know it is telling.

As of the time of writing this Borderlands 4 has not been officially announced. While there is still the possibility that this is a spin off his insistence that this is the big one would imply even if it isn’t numbered 4 it will still occupy that slot. Interestingly his original comment made clear even spin-off’s will be developed by Gearbox in the future.

We look forward to getting some for of official announcement in the near future.

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