Kojima Production Opening LA Studio To Make Movies

Kojima Production will be opening a studio in Los Angeles, California so Hideo Kojima can finally get a foothold in films, television, and music. While the Kojima Productions in Japan, which developed Death Stranding will continue to focus on video game development, this new studio will expand their entertainment threshold but will include game development as well.

Riley Russel, a former PlayStation executive who now heads the new business team at Kojima Productions, Stated that “The new division will be tasked with working with creative and talented professionals in television, music, and film, as well as the more familiar games industry.” While much of this new studio is left up in the air, the goal seems to help Kojima Production bring their characters and properties to other media, something that Kojima has spoken about in the past.

This is the second studio that Kojima has opened in California. Previously he opened a Los Angeles branch while he was still at Konami, however, that attempt was short-lived. That being said, the goals of both studios are clearly different.

Post Konami, the studio only has one game under its belt, Death Stranding, so it is unclear if this studio aims to make something related to that IP or potentially their next whenever they should announce that. Since Death Stranding used a cast of mostly known actors such as lead Norman Reedus and Margaret Qualley, the series would most likely make the jump between mediums extremely well.

What the future holds for Kojima Productions has been unclear. While they were shortly believed to be behind the indie game ‘Abandoned which fans believed to be secretly the canceled Silent Hills title that Kojima was attached to before departing Konami. More recent rumors suggest his next game might be an episodic horror title for the Xbox. Norman Reedus had also stated that a Death Stranding sequel was in negotiations.

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