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death stranding
death stranding

Death Stranding 2 is “In Negotiation”

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While the Death Stranding: Director’s Cut is slated to release September 24th, 2021, it looks like Kojima is turning to the future of the series. According to lead actor Norman Reedus, the first game from the independent Kojima Production Studios currently has an idea for a sequel “in negotiations.”

In a recent interview with Adoro Cinema (courtesy of Twitter user @Nibel), Reedus confirmed that a sequel was in the works in an extremely casual way. During the interview, he was asked which of his two characters, Darryl Dixon or Sam Porter Bridges, would win in a race. Of course, Reedus sided with Bridges due to his tech, such as an exoskeleton.

Following this, he then stated “I think we’re doing a second Death Stranding. The game is in negotiations right now. So… yay!” While this statement is hardly official, it does sound like he has been told something to make him believe that this is happening. Being a major part of the game, since his collaboration with Hideo Kojima for Silent Hills fell through, he would most likely be in the know.

There is no way of knowing at this time if it will follow Sam Porter Bridges again or if a new cast will be introduced. Based on his statement it sounds like he will be involved in some way, either as an actor or an executive producer.

Right now Hideo Kojima rumors have been all over the place. For months it has been suggested that Blue Box Studios has some connection to him and was secretly working on the next Silent Hill game, though the longer that goes on the less it seems likely. The most promising rumor is that Kojima is entering into a partnership with Microsoft for a single game to appear exclusive game. It has been suggested the game in question was turned down by Sony due to an episodic nature before being picked up by Stadia, then promptly canceled by them.

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