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Death Stranding
Death Stranding

Death Stranding: Directors Cut Gets New Deep Dive

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Death Stranding: Directors Cut took to the stage to round out the showcase of trailers for Gamescom’s Opening Night Live! with a deep-dive video. While players probably know what to expect from the game at this point in time, having been out since 2019, this trailer focuses on the new content coming to the Director’s Cut of the game.

As players know, the game revolves around Norman Reedus as a courier for an organization called BRIDGES. From there, you set off walking the extremely detailed landscape delivering packages to people who all end up being friends of Hideo Kojima, including the host of Opening Night Live! Geoff Keighley. So it is only fitting that the trailer starts by talking about all the new delivery tools you will get.

A thruster for your courier sack now makes jumping off of high places a valid way to get from point A to point B, when before this it was an easy way to die. He will still have to balance himself on upon landing but it’s way better than having to go around the mountain. On top of that, a new cannon allows the lead character, Sam, to load up a rocket and fire his supplies further ahead so he can simply way over there and collect them. The game also features the buddy bot, a companion who can carry cargo for you.

The trailer also showcased the location from the original teaser, called the facility. This location will take a structure similar to Kojima’s most famous game series Metal Gear Solid, with emphasis on stealth. It is also stated that there are new truths to be learned in this location, though what they remain to be seen.

There is more still in the deep-dive as they also explore the new jump ramp, as well as the fragile racing circuit, and the shooting range. It also spent some time showcasing new guns as Sam did missions in the AR range also being added. While fans who were not impressed by the core gameplay of the game might not be drawn in, this version has definitely added a lot of content.

Death Stranding: Directors Cut will release on September 24, 2021, on the PlayStation 5. For fans that already own the game for PlayStation 4, you can upgrade to the new version for $10 dollars.

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