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Kingdom Hearts 3 – New DLC Details Emerge

During this weekend’s Kingdom Hearts Orchestra performance in Osaka, Japan, Square Enix dropped more details regarding the upcoming DLC for Kingdom Hearts 3, Re:Mind.

According to Twitter user @mel_lifluous3’s first-hand account, Director Tetsuya Nomura and Executive Producer Ichiro Hazama were special guests at the performance, along with Japanese voice actor Irino Miyu, who provides the voice of Sora in the untranslated versions of Kingdom Hearts. The trio showed off some demo footage of the “Re:Mind” DLC, as well as a few as-yet unheard details.

This list of features was then followed up by a series of tweets explaining each point of interest in more detail. Photo mode allows players to pose any of the game’s protagonists in a chosen setting, along with an array of props and background effects. Among the example props shown was a giant pancake, and according to @mel_lifluous3, fans can also pose some of the game’s antagonists, with some pretty hilarious results. Slideshow mode then allows players to take the photos they have created and add background music, transitions, zooms, and other interesting things in order to create a slideshow for viewing.

Fast Pass mode and the “Black Code” are both ways for players to alter the game’s difficulty settings. According to @mel_lifluous3, there were many more potential settings, but the presentation went by too fast for her to catch them all. However, she states that Fast Pass mode allows you to “essentially one-shot kill enemies,” and that it additionally had “at least 7 attractions/spells stacked up above the combat menu.” The “black code,” on the other hand, allows the player to crank the difficulty up to a setting that might even give hardcore players of the Dark Souls franchise pause.

As for the original tweet’s note about the DLC seeing release next month, further down in the Twitter thread, @mel_lifluous3 admits she does not know the Japanese word for “trailer,” and accepts that the reality is that next month will likely see the release of a trailer and not the actual release of the DLC itself. In fact, in another tweet @mel_lifluous3 said that Nomura stated that he “couldn’t say an exact [release] date, because people would get mad at him.”

This is quite a bit of information for excited Kingdom Hearts 3 fans, and Gaming Instincts is happy to bring them the latest and greatest news, guides, and updates for all their favorite titles. Be sure to follow Gaming Instincts on Facebook and Twitter for more!

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