Jim Ryan PS5 Future of PlayStation
Jim Ryan PS5 Future of PlayStation

Jim Ryan: “Taking PS Now To The Next Level”, Cross-Generational BC, And Various PS5 Specs

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In a recent interview with CNET, PlayStation’s CEO Jim Ryan expressed some interesting details regarding various aspects of the popular video game brand. He detailed a few interesting specs for the next generation PlayStation console (presumably the PS5), his thoughts on the rise of the video game streaming industry and the importance of cross-generational backward compatibility.

Ryan first stated that the next gen PlayStation console will include 8K support (which has previously been confirmed) and a smooth refresh rate of 120Hz. We already know that the next gen console will feature a hybrid SSD which will cut-down on load times significantly, but the increased refresh rate only adds more “umph” to the speed of the Sony hardware.

There has also been a bit of concern form fans regarding the apparent future of game streaming. With Google Stadia, among others, digging their cleats into the industry by offering their own streaming service, it’s important the PlayStation brand doesn’t simply sit back and watch other competitors break ground. Ryan expressed that their own game streaming venture, PS Now, will be taken “to the next level later this year and for years to come”. With Sony and Microsoft signing a memorandum of understanding in order to work together on cloud service games, it seems there’s a bright future for the streaming industry.

The next gen PlayStation will also feature, not only backward compatibility for PS4 games, but will offer cross-generational BC. This means PS4 and next gen PlayStation players will be able to continue to play titles together online – regardless of which console they’re playing on. It’s a huge step forward and one that makes the next-gen that much more tantalizing.

Stay tuned for more updates regarding the next-gen PlayStation console, as well as other big names in the industry and what they’re bringing to the table for the future of gaming. You may find the full interview with Jim Ryan over at CNET.

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Source: CNET

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