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PlayStation 5 Load Time Performance Leak

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Today on May 20th, Sony shows off the power of the Next-Gen PlayStation console by comparing load times to the PlayStation Pro.

During an investor’s meeting Tech reporter for The Wall Street Journal, Takashi Mochizuki, tweeted a video showing off the next PlayStation’s processing power using Marvel’s Spider-Man as an example. Sony CEO Kenichiro Yoshida shows that the PlayStation 4 Pro can load the game world in 8.10 seconds. Afterward they show that the next generation console can load the game 10 times faster as it loads after a whopping 0.83 seconds.

Afterwards they have the camera zoom through a big length of the city, presumably showing off the processing power by going throughout he city without any hiccups. They first showed off the PlayStation 4 Pro’s power as the camera as it zooms through New York, but as the camera moves faster the more apparent graphical pop-ins are. Then they showed off the Next Gen Playstation 5’s power and it kept the camera moving through the city with less graphical pop-ins with consistent graphical quality.

Based on the video, the Next-Gen PlayStation does seem to load exceptionally faster that the previous PlayStation 4 Pro. 0.83 seconds to load a large chunk of Spider-Man’s New York is a lot to go through in a small amount of time. In fact it looked amazing seeing the city go in full motion without any hiccups as the camera basically sped around.

During the conference, Kenichiro Yoshida is also heard talking during the demonstration. Mochizuki translated these bits of dialogue and according to him the Sony CEO says, “to ensure PlayStation will remain as the best place to play, SIE to work on keeping & improving relationships with outside game developers.”

He also goes on to describe the seamless processing power the hardware has saying, “anytime, anywhere, without disconnections. If Sony is really making their games process data faster without any stutters in the gameplay, they definitely have the performance power.

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