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Playstation 5 to Have Cross-Generational Play

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With the new PlayStation 5 coming out, there have been news that the console will have full backwards-compatibility, basically meaning that playing PlayStation 4 games will be easy on the PlayStation 5. Now that this is the case, it should be easy for players on the PlayStation 4 to play continually-updating games like Rainbow 6: Siege and the Call of Duty series from the 4’s generation.

Because of this however, PlayStation decided to take this idea even further by announcing that the game will fully support cross-gen multiplayer play. This means that PS5 players will be able to play with PS4 players online.

This would make sense due to previous statements saying that backwards compatibility will be a key component of Sony’s next-generation strategy. So in theory, this would mean that the full PlayStation Catalogue will be available if players have PlayStation Now. This will mean that PS5 users will be able to play ANY PS4 game in that library. So this would be huge knowing that a whole library of digitally-downloaded games will be available for a newly-releasing console.

This can be similar to Nintendo’s shop which allows players to play, any AVAILABLE past game on the Nintendo Switch. While you can’t put an old cartridge in the Switch, downloading them from the Nintendo Store would be the next best thing.

Sony may have some news on their new console’s features sometime in the future as they will not be at E3 2019. Maybe they’ll include a State of Play this year in order to address some new games in 2019, or possibly they will have something else to show about the next generational-console.

Either way, Sony will make full use to the backwards-compatibility features for the PlayStation 5. There is no further information on how exactly they will use this feature, it will definitely make fans of the PlayStation 4 feel better about their purchases.

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