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Switch Pro
Switch Pro

Jeff Grubb Heard 4k Switch Pro Coming 2022 – Rumor

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Today we saw the announcement of the Nintendo Switch OLED model. Costing only 50 dollars more than the standard it offers a wider range of colors, a wider screen, and some quality of life improvements. The one thing that it did not include was the fabled 4k resolution support for docked gaming, something that every leaker had toted as a major feature of then called Switch Pro.

The issue with leaks is that we always have to take them with a grain of salt sure, but they also make it had to verify statements thereafter. Several claims that a reveal would occur prior to E3 fell flat and most leakers attributed this to the reveal being pushed or delayed. Without having access to the people they do it is impossible to know what is actually happening behind the scenes. One of the few leakers not sold on its appearance prior to E3 was Jeff Grubb.

Disclaimer – This information has not been verified, therefore this is not factual.

Jeff Grubb took to Twitter to state that while we do have an upgraded version of the Nintendo Switch coming, this is NOT the 4k model that has been rumored up until this point. No, in fact, that console is still in the works and coming, possibly in 2022.

He claims that the only year he has heard for the possible Switch Pro is 2022 and that that version will have 4k output and a more efficient chip with DLSS. He then goes ahead and makes the reasonable, if not completely scientific, the statement “Anyone think this is the last Switch from the company that released 6 3DS models?”

There are a few things to note here, however. First off, the OLED model synchs with many of the rumors we have heard about the Switch Pro. A larger screen, a plan connection when docked, and a full-body kickstand, were all leaked as rumors for the Switch Pro. This doesn’t mean that any future console might not also have these features, but given the announcement date it all synchs up with the rumors that have come out.

Another issue is the release date. This console will release in October of this year and is already expected to be in sort demand due to semiconductor shortages. Given that it feels like an odd strategic move to release an upgraded version of your product… And then release an even more upgraded version of your product the next year.

Bloombergs’ Jason Schreier has also made a statement on Twitter, implying that the 4K Switch might still exist and be on the way. Regardless, for now, we do have one Switch coming for people who want improved audio and resolution. The Nintendo Switch OLED with a release on October 12th, 2021 worldwide.

Source – Reddit

Source – Reddit

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