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How to Play Lifeline: An Apex Legends Guide

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Today, we’re taking a look at Apex Legends’ most useful hero, and one that you’ll almost definitely want to learn: Lifeline.

Lifeline is a valuable component to any team, and provides crucial heals, clutch revives, and another source of that all-important loot.

This guide is going to walk you through her kit, how best to use it, and some cheeky tips and tricks.


Take Care of Your Team

There is absolutely no team composition that won’t benefit from a Lifeline’s presence. Even faster push teams and aggressive comps like Bangalore/Bloodhound will massively benefit from what Lifeline has to offer. Every player should learn how to play her, because nearly every team should be running her. That’s actually my first tip; if you’re last pick in Legend Select at the start of a game and Lifeline hasn’t been picked yet: do it. You’re simply increasing your chances of survival and therefore eventually a win, exponentially.

Lifeline is an incredibly valuable addition to any team.
Lifeline is an incredibly valuable addition to any team.

A Medical Subscription You Can Get Behind

Now, onto her abilities. Lifeline’s passive is ‘Combat Medic’ and is kind of three benefits rolled into one. Firstly and most obviously, Lifeline protects her team mates with a bulletproof shield when reviving them, which she places facing forward. This is absolutely great in the middle of fights, as it can easily be the difference between you dying while picking someone up or you reviving the player, healing, and winning a fight. Also, you’ll revive friendly players 25% faster, meaning that during fights and clutch situations, you’re the premium choice for getting friendly players on their feet quickly.

Not only that, but Lifeline’s passive also means that she uses Healing Items 25% faster. That’s not something that most people know, but it means that she can get her own health and shields back up faster than any other hero. This has the side effect of meaning that she actually has good carry potential, too, as being able to heal and get back into the fight faster means that she has the opportunity to catch out enemy players who are still healing, and to surprise enemies who think they’ve cornered her with low health.

Overall, Lifeline has one of the most directly useful passives in the game. It benefits you and your team mates, and also makes her a really good Legend to have the Gold Backpack item, as it will further boost your already-fast healing to supersonic levels. If nothing else, if you find yourself in a heal-off, Lifeline is always going to win it.

D.O.C. is a cutie. A powerful, healing cutie.
D.O.C. is a cutie. A powerful, healing cutie.

The D.O.C. Will See You Now

Lifeline’s Tactical Ability only further increases her health advantage. It channels for a short moment before throwing out a floating drone that connects to and heals nearby players. This is simply incredible, and means that you’ll be able to save a ton of crucial healing items for when you really need them. It’s especially good for topping yourself and your team up after early-game skirmishes (often pre-armor) and when leaving the Circle’s damage over time.

A few interesting things to note about D.O.C. – firstly, any player can use him, even enemies. You might think that dropping him down in a close-range fight is clever, but it actually takes a decent amount of time to deploy and can end up healing your enemy, too! Try to judge whether they are going to push onto your position to decide whether deploying the drone is viable. Also, the drone can be pushed along by walking into him to move him slightly, and he can even carry Gibraltar’s shield on top!

The drone is also great for topping-up your recently revived team mates to full health, which can even be done mid-combat with your shield protecting you during the revive. Overall, it’s an ability that could save your team a few syringes or med-kits every single fight, and that value simply cannot be overestimated in a Battle Royale-style game.

Lifeline's Care Packages have a high chance of containing extra-good loot.
Lifeline’s Care Packages have a high chance of containing extra-good loot.

Come and Get Your Birthday Present

Finally, Lifeline’s Ultimate Ability is the Care Package. You know it, you love it, it has free gear. It’s spawned a host of Lifeline + Ultimate Accelerant memes that are quite correct, too. This ability will call in a Care Package, after a short delay (thanks, Amazon Prime), that can deliver all sorts of useful loot. Primarily, you’ll get defensive items, attachments, and heals from the drop, but there’s even a chance you can get some of the rarer loot in the game.

This is not only great for topping up your team’s inventory, but can also be used to get a respawned team mate looted-up as quickly as possible. Again, we’re seeing the versatility of Lifeline’s kit here; there’s simply no team that won’t appreciate some free upgrades!

A few things to note about the Care Package, though. Firstly, dropping it on an enemy can make for some utterly hilarious (if unlikely) kills. Secondly, everyone in the game will be able to see the Care Package coming in, so make sure you’re prepared to fight for it if enemies come. Often times, they’ll try to catch you exposed as you loot the box, so be extra vigilant. Finally, did I mention Ultimate Accelerants?

Jokes aside, Lifeline is one of the best recipients of Ultimate Accelerants, so ping them and share them whenever possible if you have a Lifeline on your team. She’s even an ideal candidate for wearing the Gold Helmet, which will decrease her ability cooldowns further; meaning more heals and Care Packages for you all.

Did I mention you should feed her Ultimate Accelerants? Like, a lot?
Did I mention you should feed her Ultimate Accelerants? Like, a lot?

An Undeniably Useful Component in Any Team

Put simply, Lifeline is absolutely vital to success. If your team doesn’t have one, as I’ve said, you should strongly consider picking her. Hell, a lot of players are finding huge success maining her exclusively. Not only does she provide a huge number of benefits to your team, but she also means you’ll be healing faster (and therefore shooting more) yourself.

If you haven’t given her a shot yet, I’d strongly suggest that you take the time to learn her. Not only will it help yourself and your team out, but it really pays to know what she can do if you go up against an enemy Lifeline too. I can’t stress how useful she really is, so get out there and put this guide to use with one of Apex Legends highest priority picks.

That’s it for today’s guide on Lifeline and how to utilize her to the maximum. I hope it inspires you to try her out. Let me know if you get any wins with her in the comments section below, or tell me who you’d like to see in our next guide.

I hope it’s helped you learn the nuances and potential of her kit. If it has, make sure to drop us a Like. Don’t forget to Subscribe for more Apex guides coming right your way. As always, there’s also a link in the description to a written version of this guide on our site, where you’ll also get access to our Discord channel where you can meet the creators.

Thanks for stopping by. I’m FaultyOptics, and I’ll see you all next time for more gaming guides and news.


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