Apex Legends - The Complete Wraith Guide

The Complete Wraith Guide – Apex Legends

Wraith is one of the most popular choices in Apex Legends, with good mobility and carry potential. Today, we’re going to be taking a look at what she can do and how best to use her kit.


The Interdimensional Skirmisher

Wraith is incredibly useful in nearly every situation, with a correct action or reaction for most encounters in Apex Legends. Her kit has everything you need to dominate space and carry your teams along with you to victory.

With a suite of void-capable abilities, you’ll need to decide whether to play close or at distance. None of her abilities do direct damage, but all of them are going to allow you to position better. Wraith rewards clever movement, map knowledge, and flanking ability. Being able to read your enemy squad and use that knowledge to your advantage is key.

You’ll also need good fundamentals in order to use her kit properly. The best Wraith players (read: not me) are already extremely capable FPS players in their own right, with good movement and aim to back up her high-intensity play style. Wraith isn’t a Legend that you can pick up and expect to dominate with straight away – but she’s absolutely worth the time it takes to master her.

Wraith is one of Apex Legends' most popular heroes.
Wraith is one of Apex Legends’ most popular heroes.

I Hear Void People

Wraith’s Passive ability is a strange one. Effectively, the Voice will occasionally speak to you to let you know if somebody is aiming at you or there are enemy traps nearby. You’ll also get a prompt that will allow you to share that information with your allies, letting everybody know.

It might not seem very useful at first, but this Passive ability will actually save your skin more times than you might think. It’s most useful when you’re looting or travelling in the mid-to-late game, where it’s most likely that being caught will see you dead. Hearing the Voice and being able to get moving even a split second before being shot can be absolutely crucial, so make sure you have your ears open to listen for those audio cues.

When the Voice tells you it’s time to get moving, you better be listening. It’s probably a good idea to use your Tactical Ability, too…

Wraith's troubled past has given her some unique abilities...
Wraith’s troubled past has given her some unique abilities…

Time to go Void Walking

Wraith’s Tactical ability is Into the Void, and is quite unlike anything else in the game. It channels for a short moment, and then makes Wraith both invisible and invulnerable. Enemies won’t be able to damage you, but bear in mind that they will be able to follow a blue light-trail that you’ll leave behind as you move.

This ability can get you out of some absolutely clutch situations. It’s effectively a few seconds of sprinting where you absolutely cannot be hit; you’re even impervious to the Circle’s damage. Those moments can easily be the difference between life and death. It’s especially good to use when caught out, or in any intense fights, in order to quickly reposition.

Good Wraith players will be able to use these moments of invulnerability to change their vantage point, escape from enemy fire, and avoid ultimate abilities and grenades, potentially all at the same time. This is where good game knowledge comes into play, as knowing what needs to be dodged with regular movement and when best to use Into the Void is absolutely crucial. Again, Wraith is going to reward players dedicated to learning her mechanics and abusing them to the max.

A few strange things, too. Note that the specters of players you can see while using her Tactical Ability are actually nothing at all. Ignore them completely. You’ve moved into a completely different realm for the time being, so you won’t be able to see enemies at all, in fact. This makes reading your enemies’ movements and communicating with your team essential to positioning Wraith efficiently.

Finally, it’s good to know that Wraith can use her Tactical Ability in combination with her Ultimate Ability for some really flashy plays.

Now We’re Thinking With Portals

Speaking of, Wraith’s Ultimate is one of Apex’s biggest repositioning tools. Dimensional Rift opens a portal, and speeds up Wraith – she can then rapidly sprint to a new location and open another portal in order to link the two. These portals can then be used by any player to rapidly cover the distance between the two portal entrances. There’s an indicator on-screen above your crosshair that lets you know how long you’ve got left before the portal opens automatically. Obviously, this ability has enormous potential, but a badly-used portal could just as easily ruin your team’s strategy, too.

The Rift has a ton of uses, and primarily will be used to link two locations in order to travel quickly. That can be done in almost any situation, whether that simply be to escape the approaching Circle quickly and bring your teammates with you, mid-fight to reposition your whole team quickly, or a host of other subtle options. Be creative.

Have a teammate who’s been downed in a storm of enemy fire? Combine your portals with your Tactical ability to approach them with invulnerability, and then have them crawl back through the portal with you for an insane revive. Trapped in a tight spot with your team? Use the same combination to sneak out from under your enemies’ noses. The possibilities are insane, and Wraith-mains are already uploading highlight reels and insane moments that combine great game-knowledge with balls of steel in order to pull off in-game acrobatics like no other.

One thing is for certain, Wraith is not for the light-hearted, but she is for the dedicated and the quick-thinkers.

Wraith's ability to take unique vantage points in key.
Wraith’s ability to take unique vantage points in key.

A-Void Simple Mistakes

Wraith’s kit overall complements a fast flanking playstyle, that uses her traversal of the map to outmaneuver enemies. She’s simple to learn, and hard to master – but she also rewards those who take the time to learn her caveats to make the most of any situation in-game.

She is incredibly fun. Just flying round the map and zipping around through your portals is great, so I’d encourage anyone looking to find a reliable hero that can work solo or with a team to pick her up and learn her. It’ll even help when playing against her, as knowing what she can do and her potential is equally as important to fighting her as well as mastering her kit.

To truly master Wraith, you’ll need to take a creative mindset into the game. Using her abilities to close gaps, avoid enemy fire, and surprise opponents with your positioning is key. With that in mind, take her potential into your games and work to ensure that you’re making the most of every ability.

That’s it for today’s quick Wraith guide. Don’t forget to Like and Subscribe for more Apex Legends content and guides coming right your way, and let me know in the comments section which Legend you’d like to see in my next guide.

Thanks for stopping by. I’m FaultyOptics, and I’ll see you all next time for more gaming guides and news.


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