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Horizon 2: Forbidden West Revealed

Guerrilla Games’ Horizon: Zero Dawn is getting a sequel titled Horizon 2: Forbidden West. The game was shown off at the PlayStation Future of Gaming event today.

Before Guerrilla Games developed Horizon, they developed the Killzone franchise.

Aloy will be returning to the series, this time co-existing with organic creatures. The first title was released in 2017, and was critically-acclaimed. The game sold over 10 million copies world wide for the PlayStation 4, and will be returning on the PlayStation 5. A port for the original game will be coming out on PC sometime later this year.

This time, Aloy will be exploring the wilds of West America, with Ashly Burch returning as the voice actress for Aloy. In the trailer, Aloy references “new dangers” implied to be threatening the organic life needed to repopulate the Earth.

The trailer also features several new creatures and entities such as a giant robotic turtle and crocodile. Moreover, the trailer shows Aloy exploring what appears to be an old Chinese structure, where she finds a hologram of a dragon.

The game will allow players to explore a new range of environments, such as a desert area, a tundra, a forest, and underwater. With the exploration of new areas, Aloy will also meet a new cast of characters.

Like the first game, it appears that other tribes and groups have taken advantage of the mechanical creatures for personal use. The end of the trailer shows Aloy facing off against a large army of people covered in mechanical armor, backed by mechanical elephants with glowing red eyes.

Fans can hopefully find out more details regarding the game soon, such as the release date of the game, and new features and abilities.

Source: PlayStation: Future of Gaming Show

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