Hearthstone: The Boomsday Project Announcement Overview

Hearthstone: The Boomsday Project Announcement Overview

So comes another space within the year that the ever-popular virtual trading card game Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft releases its new expansion that will once again impact the constant changes to the overall meta. The explosive venture sure to satisfy the long-time players of Hearthstone is The Boomsday Project. Hosted by the feared, yet respected Dr. Boom, this expansion is a true revival of the old Goblins & Gnomes expansion. A throwback to a classic set that mixes the elements of old with the modern-day approach to the Hearthstone team’s creative direction. This will mark the second of three expansions released within the Year of the Raven cycle.

From the haunted, shamanistic delve within “The Witchwood”, we are now all introduced to the fascinating minds at Boom Labs. Located within the Netherstorm, near Area 52, this facility thought of and pursued by the renowned mad scientist Dr. Boom conducts extensive experiments to further the sciences of Mech design and catastrophic disassembly. This expansion is sure to be inspired by the wacky mechanical inventions scattered throughout the landscape of Azeroth, a fresh breath of comedy and a new trek into the confined lore of the Hearthstone world itself.

Card Reveals

Another set is sign for another fresh perspective to play the game within the new mechanics introduced. Within the announcement below we see a zany, dry humor science show reflecting back to similar shows of the past filled with eccentric characters and things that go boom.

Like every expansion before, new Legendary cards will be implemented to each class, including the esteemed Dr. Boom himself taking the guise of the hero card for this set. Legendary spells will be introduced to this set for each class, a truly welcomed and sought after addition to the game. Another new card type is revealed to be “Project” cards, powerful effects that affect both players. The only new keyword added to the set appears only on mech-type cards and is labeled “Magnetic”. The last introduced effect is added in the form of a battlecry that states “If you have 10 mana crystals, do X”, pushing the meta direction to that of faster conclusions and drawn-out control formats.

Electra Stormsurge the shaman legendaryDr. Boom, Mad Genius, the hero card

Many of the new legendary cards announced have unique potential into becoming a strong force to reckon with. The first legendary announced is Electra Stormsurge, this mad scientist allows Shaman players to recast their spell opening a wide array of potent combo potential or even a great removal tool to better control the board. A cheap minion with a shocking ability ensures that this card will be a staple in many Shaman decks. Dr. Boom, Mad Genius, the legend returns for his second debut in Hearthstone and is recognized as the face of the set. The first hero card to feature anything other than 5 armour, a very thematic choice to ensure he keeps the 7 mana dream. He stays in line with his history of being powerful, since his battlecry creates even more options for the player. Not only that his hero power alternates between 5 different choices every use. A high variant, late-game controller that wishes to hero power every turn and apply a strong boardstate through the collusion of his mech army.

Myra's Unstable Evolution the legendary rogue spellZerek's Cloning Gallery the legendary priest spell

Finally, this game has been embraced with the wonder of legendary spells. The final card type to receive a legendary version and what many were asking for. The extremity of the effects do not disappoint, starting with the first revealed. Myra’s Unstable Element essentially lets one draw their entire deck in one turn. A strange effect that question how it will be used in the future. On the surface it resembles a last ditch effort to be victorious though may also play a role in assembling an essential combo piece. Zerek’s Cloning Gallery has a very similar effect, except it summons all minions. This card paints a clearer picture of being used for combo potential. A very strong and possibly game-ending ability if the game-plan is feasible. It is hard to predict the power of these situational-based cards, for now we will have to wait and see.


Biology project from HearthstoneDemonic Project from Hearthstone

Keep ones enemies closer with the addition of the “Project” cards. Starting off with the strong early-game aggression ability in the form of Biology Project, this allows a jump-start to the entire game at hand for better or worse. Adversely, Demonic Project ensures to cripple the resources of the opponent at the cost of ones own. A viable tech tool to counter the strong creatures that players will run. Alluring and equal in result, this new card type is a great addition to the light-hearted atmosphere of the game.

Spider Bomb boasting the Magnetic keywordZilliax the legendary mech containing magnetic, divine shield, taunt, lifesteal, and rush

Upgraded from their previous iteration near the dawn of Hearthstone, the mech archetype has comeback with the interesting new keyword of  “Magnetic”. This new keyword allows the minuscule worker-bots to combine together into the most powerful of mechs. When magnetized all their stats and abilities are fused together. An important note to this mechanic, the mechs will only magnetize if you place that minion on the left of the other. Placing one on the right will keep them both as separate entities. A versatile new mechanic that is ensure to inspire new deck creations and implement an emphasis on the board-state.

Omega Defender of HearthstoneOmega Agent of Hearthstone

Lastly on the new mechanics are these unique late-game battlecries. Featured prominently cards containing “Omega” within the title, one can assume that this new battlecry is referred to as such. Turning an adequate mid-game minion into a powerful late-game tempo play is a unique card type to bring to the table. Though seeming uninteresting at first, this mechanic has a lot of potential to affect the meta more than other cards introduced.

Hearthstone: The Boomsday Project is expected to release on August 7th and one can stay up-to-date on the current news and card reveals at https://playhearthstone.com/en-us/expansions-adventures/the-boomsday-project/.

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